Rogers Wireless customers have a new service available to them from Spinvox, that will convert their voicemail messages to text.

We have all probably been in situations where we know that we have a voice mail, but, just aren’t in a situation where you can listen to it but if we could read it, it would put our wondering minds at ease. I could also see voicemail to text being a big hit with business travelers not that airlines are starting to dabble with in-flight email access.

Voicemail to text powered by Spinvox will set you back $15 per month in addition to your normal wireless bill. The service seems kind of ready made for BlackBerry users but works on all Rogers handsets with voicemail.

Rogers is offering a free 30-day trial so, to our RIMarkable reading neighbors up North, give it the once over and come back and tell us what you think in the comments.