ContentWatch released Net Nanny Mobile, powered by SMobile Systems,  today offering parents more tools to protect the growing legions of young mobile users from misconduct, exploitation, unwanted communications, sexting, loss and theft, cyber bullying, malware and online predators.

We recognize how rapidly the number of young people using smartphones is growing, and we’ve been actively seeking a solution to address parents’ worries about increased mobile use,” said Jack Sunderlage, ContentWatch CEO. “SMobile Systems provides a quality product that we are extremely pleased to partner with and put the Net Nanny name on.

Net Nanny Mobile features include:


  • View the content of Email, SMS and MMS messages on the phone.
  • View all pictures taken, sent and received by the device.
  • View logs of all voice conversations.
  • View the complete address book and all applications installed on the phone.
  • View phone location 24/7.


  • GPS tracking using Google Maps.
  • Remote device backup, lock, wipe and restore.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware scanning.
  • Communication Control features for filtering of calls and text messages.

Net Nanny Mobile costs $29.99 on a yearly subscription basis for one device and $14.99 for each additional device.

Get more information on the Net Nanny Mobile website <<<