MyCaption has just announced availability of MyCaption for BlackBerry which is a voice-to-text transcription service that allows you to dictate email for up to 3 minutes and have it automatically transcribed for you.

You can read the full press release after the jump.

MyCaption Unveils First Voice-to-Data Service for the
Serious Business User

MyCaption for BlackBerry Delivers Plug-In with Seamless Integration to all
BlackBerry Productivity Functions

SUNNYVALE, CA – November 19, 2008 – MyCaption, a leading provider of voice-to-data services, today announced the immediate availability of MyCaption for BlackBerry. The new service enables multi-tasking, business users to “write by voice” their email, memos, tasks, contact notes and calendar entries and synchronize them with Enterprise applications like Outlook. This simple, downloadable plug-in seamlessly blends into BlackBerry® productivity applications, and converts the user’s voice into usable, actionable data in a timely and accurate manner.

“Voice is the new keyboard,” said Vipul Bhatt, founder and CEO at MyCaption. “Thumbing emails and notes is time consuming and inefficient. MyCaption for BlackBerry is the answer to saving time by taking voice and converting it to usable data for business users who need to speak at longer lengths than existing products allow.”

MyCaption is available to BlackBerry Bold, Pearl, Curve, 8700 and 8800 Smartphone users.

Key features include:

  • Three Minutes of Talk Time: MyCaption enables the business user, for the first time, to speak business-length emails comfortably, for up to three minutes. Users can include natural instructions such as ‘Quote, Unquote’ or ‘new paragraph’.
  • Text Review: The voice-to-data service allows users to review their spoken email before sending via BlackBerry, with an easy-to-use text-review capability. Users can edit their text, add after-thoughts and additional insight, make corrections or change plans on the fly.
  • Customizable Dictionary: MyCaption for BlackBerry also offers a customizable dictionary, to fit the user’s style and tone. The voice-to-data service grows with its user, offering additional conveniences such as the ability to ‘learn’ industry-specific phrases and acronyms.


Once the small plug-in is installed, users can begin to compose and reply to emails by simply clicking on “Compose (MyCaption)” or “Reply (MyCaption)” and start speaking an email. When finished, they would click “done” and the email is sent to anyone in their network. MyCaption gives all business users the ability to review and edit their email before sending.

MyCaption will implement a free, time-specific trial period effective immediately where users can take MyCaption for BlackBerry for a test drive. The free trial will also enable users to get a sense of how much they use the service. MyCaption offers multiple pricing plans, which can be found here. The user is under no obligation to give their credit card upon sign-up.


The MyCaption for BlackBerry service starts at $6.95 per month.

About MyCaption

Founded by telecom industry veterans and headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, MyCaption is the first company to bring to market a compact, voice-to-data application to seamlessly blend into all BlackBerry productivity functions. Its flagship product, MyCaption for Blackberry, enables the business user to “write by voice” email, memos, tasks, and calendar entries. By converting voice-to-data in a timely and accurate manner, the service synchronizes with Enterprise solutions like Outlook and gives multi-tasking, business users a competitive advantage by converting their voice to searchable, actionable data. BlackBerry is powered by Research in Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIM). For more information about MyCaption or any of its products, please visit