WOW!  I will just start with that word to express what RIM is doing with BlackBerry 10. I had some sneak a peeks on Monday and was very impressed with the overall flow of the operating system. BlackBerry 10 will be to the current phone market what peanut butter is to jelly, it’s just good.

RIM did a wonderful job this morning showcasing some of the key features that will be inside BB10. One of the ama zing features that they showed was the new BlackBerry App World. Not only can you get apps there , you will be able to download music , t.v. shows and movies as well, It’s a one stop shop for apps and multimedia.

Another feature that was shown was the beautiful and super-fast top ranked browser. Not only does this browser move so smooth , it is also ranked #1 out of all Browser’s including pc and mobile for HTML5 compatibility. This is very big for BlackBerry because the future of web is HTML5.

BlackBerry 10 Flow is truly awesome, I mean the flow of this OS is not like anything I have experienced in a phone yet. It will make you wanna get this phone!

We have attached some links to various BB10 demo video’s from the good folks over at Inside BlackBerry  for your BB10 enjoyment. Let us know what you think of BlackBerry10!

BB10 Flow , BB10 Browser and BB10 App World