This conversation reminds me of one that I had in an airport just a few days ago.

Delayed as usual, I was checking email in one of the resteraunts in Ohare and an older gentleman, probably in his early seventies, asked me if that (my 7100t) was one of those ‘new fangled’ BlackTooth cell phones.  I told him that it actually was called a BlackBerry and that it had BlueTooth so that I could use a wireless headset.  I then showed him my Jabra Freespeak BT250.  He smiled at me and said, ‘Let me get this straight.’  ‘You have have a cell phone called a BlackBerry with feature called a BlueTooth that allows you to talk into a hearing aid so that you don’t have to take the phone out of your pocket when someone calls you.’  I said that I never thought about like that but that pretty much summed it up.  He laughed outloud and said that was the funniest thing that he has heard all month.