• Frequency: Daily, Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and a quick Once-off alarm!
  • Custom Alarms: Set the alarm to run on specific days of the week!
  • Multiple Ringtones: Set different alarms to different ringtones.
  • Enjoy Holidays: Set the alarm to Silent or Active on holidays!
  • Pre-loaded list of Holidays included. Customize it to your Country, or Company’s official list.
  • Force Snooze: Never miss an Alarm because the snooze was off!
  • MultiAlarm 3.0 will set you back $29.99, however, Mobylo is extending a 20% to RIMarkable readers who enter in coupon code RIMARKABLE when purchasing. This is a limited time offer that ends January 31st.

    If you want to give MultiAlarm 3.0 the once over you can download and install via your desktop by visiting www.mobylo.com. You can also download MultiAlarm 3.0 OTA directly to your BlackBerry by visiting m.mobylo.com from your BlackBerry browser.

    MultiAlarm 3.0, Mobylo