Imagine looking at a happy baby about 17 months old holding your mobile phone while sitting in the bathtub. That was the exact moment I lost my Motorola Droid and went back to the Blackberry Storm. The sound of water running in the bathtub drowns out the sound coming from the Droid’s speaker, my solution I had it next to the tub during bath time. (Note to self buy one of the recommended speakers from Brent) I was listening to Buzz out Loud (BOL) podcast and the podcast went silent. This is not abnormal on a Droid if a new message arrives but the silence was a bit too long. While rinsing the soap form the hair of one kid I looked over to see my smiling son holding my phone as the notification light rapidly flashed green. UGGGGHHHHH!

That is the last sign of life I have seen from my Droid. My iPhone and Blackberry Storms are active again. What a moment of utter shock. I just got my Droid replaced due to a microphone issue. The phone was in PERFECT working condition and did not have a single scratch.

I honestly felt I had fallen through the gates of hell having to go back to the Blackberry Storm. I will GRAVELY miss the navigation app on my Android phone but to be honest I forgot all the things I really like about the Storm.

Enterprise Blackberry Activation

I change my corporate email password frequently, about ever 21 days. Being a Blackberry user you forget you never have to enter a network password.


Let me be clear I ran Shrink-OS on my blackberry install to remove thing like languages, IM Clients, Documents-to-go, Event Log view, Help Files, Default Videos, password keeper, setup wizard, VCast Music, VCast Rhapsody, VZNavigator, Games and a couple other minor things. This frees up and amazing amount of memory to make the device functional. Brent wrote a great Step-by-Step called Get More Memory to Install Blackberry Apps

Filtering Contacts

On my Droid I was a slave to the favorite list but it took several clicks to get there. One to get the home screen, Two to click the phone dialer, three to get the favorite available. On the Blackberry I click talk then contacts to type and filter. The filtering on the Blackberry is actually better then the universal search on Android.

Call Quality

I have been trying to switch from using a traditional phone line to using my mobile phone in my office. It is shocking how much better the call quality is on the Blackberry. I use headsets 95% of the time but I can still notices the call is more clear on the Storm than my Motorola Droid.

There are many things I am going to miss about my Droid. I rooted my Droid and Installed a WiFi tethering app that worked like magic. I also had multi-touch in the web browser. Heck I had a decent web browser but no point in kicking a known issue.

Needless to say I have many applications to update so I am back on top of my Blackberry Game, at least until the Nexus One hits Verizon. I do look forward to trying out the 30 trial of that PrivacyStar app Robb was telling me about. CallerID on my mobile phone is a feature I have wanted for a while. Next I am buying a copy of Tether for Blackberry. And last but not least Blackberry Storm Defender Series Case for bath time. I have no plans to lose another phone to water.