As I watched Squawk Box yesterday morning I heard the first legitimate news about a new mobile device sponsored by Microsoft called the Origami. Today on the blogs, ridiculously but predictably, this thing is being touted as a BlackBerry Killer.

All I can say is, Are you frigging kidding me? Come on now. You cannot honestly believe that a device just a bit bigger than a VCR tape is actually going to make a dent in the sales of BlackBerry devices. Several high hi-profile bloggers are saying that they are going to get one of these as soon as they come out and being the gadget freak that I am, I will probably give it the once over, however, right now it just seems like Microsoft has decided to come out with the Origami because the Tablet PC business overwhelmingly has failed miserably.

I wonder what genius said “Since we cannot seem to sell Tablet PCs, lets cut them in half and say they compete with the BlackBerry. That will surely get people to notice them.”

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