Last Fall we created a list of the top 5 free BlackBerry games from Magmic Games and it has become one of the most viewed posts here on RIMarkable. We are often asked what other free BlackBerry games are and the first place I send everyone is The mobile BlackBerry help site has a downloads section and under it you will find about a dozen or so free BlackBerry games available every BlackBerry owner.

A little over a year ago we listed all of the free BlackBerry games on the site, however, that list is now out of date so we thought that we should update it.

  1. Texas Hold’em King 2 Multiplayer Tournament
  2. Sudoku
  3. Ka-Glom
  4. Texas Hold’em King 2
  5. MeteorCursher
  6. CirclePopper
  7. Rooster
  8. Raging Rivers
  9. Bass Assasin
  10. Spider Solitaire
  11. Klondike

All you have to do to get any of these free BlackBerry games his head over to on your device, go to the downloads section, and install them OTA directly to your Blackberry.