Research in Motion President and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was recently profiled in the Gaurdian UK and it turns out that he just may be the highest paid BlackBerry support technician on the planet.

Jane Martinson starts her interview off with the following…

He already has three of his own to play with, but within minutes of shaking my hand, Mike Lazaridis is fixing a problem with my BlackBerry that has been bugging me for months. “Do you want them to last 90 days or forever?” asks the founder of the company behind the addictive corporate tool as I sheepishly hand it over.

How cool is that? If I ever get to interview Bill Gates I swear that I will ask him to take a look at my laptop and see if he can fix whatever problem I am having on it that week before we get started.

Mike Lazaridis, Gaurdian UK