Episode #96 of the SMRpodcast with special guest, Mary Joe Foley, from All About Microsoft and Windows Weekly, has been recorded and is now available online.  This week we talk about  some of the new Microsoft apps that came out for Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices, a little Verizon vs. Google on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus front, and we’ve got some pretty good picks for those of you looking for good applications to install on your smartphones.

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Show Details

  • Recorded: December 13th, 2011
  • Published: December 14th, 2011
  • Duration: 01hr 15min 00sec

Special Guest:


Opening Thoughts

  • We welcome Mary Jo Foley to the Show

Microsoft releases apps to both Windows Phone And iOS

  • Chris says he as no Idea why people are upset about it
  • Mary Jo points out that cross platform apps are better for Microsoft’s image.
  • Rod is wondering where are the Android versions
  • Brent says that he may have to stop using OneNote

Why is Verizon leaving Google Wallet off of the Galaxy Nexus

  • Rod said Google pointed out a security issue with the way Goggle wallet stores info
  • Chris says that Verizon is just being dirty
  • Robb says that Google wallet has no chance of being on the Galaxy Nexus
  • Mary Jo agrees with Chris and has no faith in Verizon

Robb asks Mary Jo is there any update on a Lte Verizon Windows Phone 7 device

  • Mary Jo lays out the rumored launch plan from Nokia
  • She also talks about the possible time frame for the launch
  • Robb maintains that he wants to try out the platform

We talk about Microsoft’s tablet strategy for next year

  • Mary Jo lets us know that the ARM based tablets may not run traditional Windows Apps
  • Chris agrees that hurts a big differentiator for Microsoft
  • Brent agrees with Mary Jo that tablets and pc’s are different

Other Topics Covered

  • Windows Phone Leadership Change
  • HP WebOS goes Open Source
  • Lync Mobile Client Released

Picks of the Week