I was just taking a look at the latest edition of the BlackBerry Connection newsletter and as usual, they have some featured software offering for the BlackBerry that often has a free trial. This month one of the feature BlackBerry software downloads is WorldMate Live.

WorldMate Live is Personal Mobile Travel Assistant for the BlackBerry and, I have to admit, it is pretty cool.

It helps you plan and manage your trip, and then provides you with assistance while you’re actually traveling. It pushes information to you based on your itinerary – from weather where you’re going to real time flight status, and provides you with critical information about your travel arrangements, meetings, and places you’re visiting.

There are three components to WorldMate Live. A BlackBerry Client, a plug-in that integrates with Outlook, and, of course, a BlackBerry client which you can download OTA directly to your device. To make a long story short, you manage your travel itineraries manually via the web client and automatically import travel information via the Outlook Client. This information is then pushed to the mobile client on your BlackBerry.

WorldMate Live has a lot of good features, many of which are available in the free membership. The really cool stuff like Flight Schedules, Alerts, and Flight Status are available in the gold membership which will set you back $9.95 per month, or $99.95 per year.

Through the end of this month, you can try the gold membership features for free so if you travel a lot, WorldMate Live may be a BlackBerry application that you’ll want to give the once over.