WebMessenger has created a VoIP client for the BlackBerry called WebMessenger Mobile for Skype.

Skype users can now dramatically reduce long distance and roaming charges from their mobile phones using the new WebMessenger Mobile for Skype mobile client. WebMessenger allows you to take Skype on the road with you. Check the availability of colleagues, friends, and family on your mobile phone, send and receive chat messages, or even simply click on them to give them a quick shout.

The BlackBerry Skype client works a bit differently than you might imagine. You install WebMessenger Mobile for Skype on your BlackBerry in addition to running a desktop Skype client from your computer in your office. You then connect to the person that you are trying to talk to via Skype thru your desktop from the BlackBerry client.

There are two versions of WebMessenger Mobile for Skype. A free version that allows you to access up to 20 contacts via your Skype contact list and a subscription version that allows you unlimited contacts. The subscription version of WebMessenger Mobile for Skype will run you $3.95 per month and in addition to unlimited contacts, allows you to set up conferences with up to four participants.

I will put up a full review of WebMessenger Mobile for Skype once I have a chance to install and play with it on my BlackBerry 7130e.

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