MiNO Wireless, a Sunnyvale, California based mobile services company, has recently released it’s new java based mobile application for your BlackBerry that allows you to make International calls to any number in the world at very low rates.

MiNO is basically a Voice over IP (VoIP) client similar to Vonage or Skype, but instead of making calls from proprietary handset or from your computer, you make Internet based calls via a java client installed on your BlackBerry.

Mobile phone is the natural device for making international calls, but if users want reasonable cost, they are not likely to use their mobile phone to make international calls. Since Blackberry users already have an Internet plan for emailing, they can get the low cost and convenience of calling from PCs and VoIP phones on their Blackberry device with MiNO.

I should note that MiNO doesn’t just work on the Blackberry. In fact, MiNO supports:

  • BlackBerry
  • Java based mobile devices
  • PalmSource
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian
  • DoCoMo

MiNO for BlackBerry, however, is the most popular type of device registered by the over 40,000 users that have signed up thus far.

I just signed up for MiNO and after I have a chance to play with it, I will put up a full review.
If you don’t want to wait for my review, you can sign up here.

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