When I first blogged about how RIM should consider a possible Palm buyout, a lot of people thought I was nuts. Over a year later, I think that this is even a better idea now than I did the first time and it looks like a few analysts think so too.

Shares of Palm are sitting above $15 per share at the time that I am writing this, up over 2.5% since last Friday. In true Stephen Colbert fashion, I, am going to take full credit for the recent fortunes of Palm.

Even though most analysts would attribute Palm’s positive stock move to speculation that the company is a potential takeover target, especially after last Fridays announcement that Motorola is buying Good Technology, the company whose software connects most Palms to corporate email systems.

We, however really know that it was all because of the post I wrote yesterday morning before market open asking to be reminded why RIM shouldn’t buy Palm.

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