Have you ever remembered that you have a prescription to pick up just after you drive passed the pharmacy or remember that you need a new toner cartridge for your printer right coming back home from Office Depot? If you have and own a BlackBerry 7520, Naggie, LLC may have just the application for you.

Naggie, LLC has just released a cool application for the BlackBerry 7520 that basically is a Location aware reminder. Think of it as a To-Do-List that reminds you that you need to do something when you get near the location that you need to do it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a BlackBerry 7520 to try out Naggie’s Location Aware Reminder, however, at least for right now, Naggie has an excellent price. It is being given away for free. I always say that the only thing better than cool BlackBerry software is cool FREE BlackBerry software.

Why don’t one of you BlackBerry 7520 owners download Naggie’s Location Aware Reminder and tell us what you think.

BlackBerry 7520, GPS, Naggie