So, if you haven’t been following the saga of the rooted BlackBerry PlayBook, a small group of developers recently found a way to gain root access on the PlayBook  and released an app on Monday called DingleBerry which allows BlackBerry PlayBook owners to easily get the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, on their tablets.

Research in Motion, on Tuesday, released BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.6067 which addressed the  elevation of privilege vunlnerability that allowed DingleBerry to gain root.

Once you have root access to a system, however, it becomes quite simple, comparatively speaking,  to look around the system to find other ways to elevate your privileges to root or superuser.  With that being said, one one of the guys behind DingleBerry announced on Twitter that he has, figured out a way to root the BlackBerry PlayBook once again.

We expect an update to DingleBerry soon and presume that a patch from RIM will follow it shorty thereafter.  And so the circle of life of the PlayBook root followed by a patch, followed by a root begins.