We first blogged about the NTB Free BlackBerry offer back at the beginning of August. Basically, you had to buy four tires and you could get a free BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Based on the original deal, you had to buy the tires during the month of August and submit your request by today, September 30th. I just heard a commercial this morning stating that you have until this Sunday to still get a free BlackBerry, so, if you are going to buy tires anyway this weekend, and want a BlackBerry, this is your last chance to get one for free from National Tire and Battery.

Just so you know, I don’t see the offer on the NTB.com website any longer. Make sure you ask to make sure that I didn’t just hear an old commercial. Also, take a look at the comments from the initial NTB Free BlackBerry offer. I guess that there were some hoops that customers wanting the free BlackBerry had to jump through.