Remember Kik Messenger, the cross platform instant messaging (IM) application that took the world by storm signing up over 1 million users in 15 days only to be eventually pulled from BlackBerry App World, blocked from push notifications on RIM’s back end, and ultimately taken to court by RIM for patent infringment?  Well, Kik Messenger is back and kicking with a new BlackBerry client, but, we aren’t supposed to tell you about it.

We really haven’t talked much about Kik Messenger for the better part of the last year simply because the application didn’t work all that well on BlackBerry devices after push notifications were disabled by RIM.  Kik Messenger, however, has grown to over 4 million users and is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and, once again, the BlackBerry with a brand new interface and push notifications, although, not via RIM’s backend, but, though Kik Interactive’s own servers.

Something tells me that Kik Messenger is about to see another ridiculous growth spike because it offers something that BlackBerry Messenger doesn’t, the ability to communicate with contacts that aren’t BlackBerry users in a BBM like way.

If you want to check Kik Messenger for BlackBerry download it from the link below…

Download Kick Messenger for BlackBerry