The open source password manager KeePass Password Safe has made its way to the BlackBerry and is available as a free BlackBerry download that you can get OTA.

If you are anything like me you have a ton of passwords and remembering the passwords that you use every day isn’t an issue, however, those 48 that you use just once in a while is next to impossible to keep track of. This is where KeePass Password Safe comes in.

KeePass is is completely free as it is an open source application, however, don’t mistake it for your average run of the mill free hack. KeePass is a quality application that, quite honestly, is better than most password managers that you would pay for.

The only real knock that I had was that there just aren’t enough category icons preloaded. You can’t really do anything about that in the current release, however, adding addition icons in the beta of the next version is supported.

KeePass Password Save is really a quality free BlackBerry download and you definitely cannot beat the price.

Check it out here