StormLockerAs many BlackBerry Storm users know, all kinds of crazy things can happen when you are talking on your device and your face inadvertently presses buttons on the touchscreen.  There was a free application, TalkLock, that solved this problem for you, however, CellAvant, decided to start charging for it when the put it on BlackBerry AppWorld.  Fortunately for cheap BlackBerry Storm users like myself, BlackBerry developer Joe Krill has created a free BlackBerry Storm screen locking application called StormLocker.

StormLocker doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but, it really doesn’t have to.  When you are on a call, the screen locks.  You can either choose to have a slider or a button sequence that will unlock the call.

I am sure that the next time I update my Five Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading post, StormLocker will be added to the list.

You can download StormLocker OTA to your device by pointing your BlackBerry Storm’s browser to  You can also install via desktop loader with a zip file you can finde here…

[Via BlackBerry Rocks]