I was just reading a Times Online article talking about the how the iPhone has jumped to third in the global smartphone market behind Nokia and Research in Motion worldwide and a firm second behind RIM in the U.S.

In a little over six months, Apple’s iPhone has moved up to the number 2 spot in smartphone sales. I know that this is not new news, but, for some reason, this article got me to thinking about just how bad Windows Mobile really must be.

I know a lot of people don’t like Microsoft, however, unlike Palm, the company, generally, isn’t poorly run. How does a company with the resources of Microsoft allow their product to limp along like Windows Mobile has, not just recently, but for years?

I know that Microsoft has been known to miss a market or think there is market when there really isn’t, however, they know and have known that smartphones are going get bigger and bigger over time and that it is a space which they should be dominating.

Apple is Apple, but, still… How does Apple jump to second in just over six months when Microsoft has been in the game for well over 10 years?