Tomorrow, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion goes to court again over the NTP patent infringement case. It is expected that RIM will ask the court to enforce a $450 million settlement agreement that fell apart back in the summer and that NTP will ask that the stay on the injunction against the sale of BlackBerry devices or operation of the BlackBerry network be allowed in the United States.

What do you RIMarkable readers think will happen if the injunction is actually enforced? Can you imagine the disruption to business in the United States if suddenly everyone’s BlackBerry stopped receiving mail? I know RIM says they have a backup plan to allow their service to run without infringing upon NTP’s patents but if it were as easy as flipping a switch, wouldn’t they have done that already? My guess is that it would be more than a small headache to switch to their backup plan.

I don’t think that there is any way that a U.S. court would enforce an injunction that would have such an adverse affect on U.S. business. Even if RIM is guilty as sin, which, I guess technically they are since they have already lost the case and are in the appeals process right now, there is no way that they would be shut down.

It should be noted that this is just my opinion and is not based on any facts or evidence. In fact my opinion could be contrary to facts and evidence as I have very little understanding of the law less what I get from CSI: Miami and Boston Legal. If you are looking for expert opinion from someone who actually went to law school as compared to someone who just went to school for biology and math, you may want to check the BlackBerry news tomorrow as I am sure this will be talked about by experts.