Mobile Internet communications solutions provider, iSkoot, recently announced iSkoot v1.1 for the BlackBerry, a Skype client that doesn’t require daemon running on your PC.

“We are extremely pleased to bring mobile Skype to the BlackBerry. iSkoot enables BlackBerry users running OS 4.0 or higher to take advantage of the benefits of their Skype accounts without having to rely on their PCs. With this new release of our software, we are bringing another key piece of the Web to the BlackBerry,” said Roy Erez, VP of Business Development, iSkoot. “BlackBerry commands a vast and rapidly-growing customer base, so extending support to this community marks a significant achievement for iSkoot. We will continue to work on ensuring seamless integration and expanding support for Skype across the entire line of BlackBerry devices.”

Right now, iSkoot is in beta and is free of charge. You should be aware, however, that iSkoot does use your phone plan when initiating voice chats and requires SkypeOut credit to receive incoming voice chats.

One of the really cool features is that you can SkypeOut to make calls as well which could come in handy if you are trying to make an international call via your BlackBerry but don’t want to pay the international rates that your carrier may charge.

I’ve just downloaded iSkoot to my BlackBerry 7130e, but, will come back and leave comments after I play with it for a while. You can download by visiting Feel free to leave your impressions in the comments as well.