Since yesterday I’ve gotten at least 14 emails asking why the clock on your BlackBerry is off by an hour so I figured I would answer everyone with a quick post.

If the alarm clock on your device woke you up an hour earlier yesterday morning than what it normally does it means that you need to apply the Daylight Savings Time patch that came out last year appropriately nameed the DST 2007 Patch for BlackBerry.

Remember last year how the government decided to start Daylight Savings Time two weeks later than usual and end it two weeks earlier? Well, the DST patch is what makes your BlackBerry, which automatically adjusts for time change, aware of the new dates. Your VCR and the clock on your thermostat are probably all messed up too.

Download the patch here, install it, and you will be good to go on your BlackBerry. You are probably SOL on our thermostat and VCR.