It’s no secret that the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is coming to Verizon.  The device has been available from Sprint for almost two weeks, yet, it hasn’t even been officially announced by Verizon. It isn’t unlike Verizon to take their time rolling out new devices, however, not even officially announcing the BlackBerry Bold 9650 when Sprint is already selling it without an exclusive is a bit of a departure from Verizon’s usual mode of operation.  This kind of makes me wonder if Verizon is waiting on BlackBerry 6, the next generation BlackBerry OS, to become available so that they can release their branded Bold 9650 with the latest and greatest BlackBerry OS as compared to making users upgrade to it.

This isn’t a rumor that I’ve heard, but, more or less me wondering why Verizon is dragging its heels on even announcing the BlackBerry Bold 9650.  We know that when released, BlackBerry 6 will run on the 9650 and rumor has it that it won’t be long before the next iteration of of the BlackBerry operating system is ready.  Could Verizon just be killing two birds with one stone?  Upgrading a BlackBerry device from one OS to the next is a pain, even when done via wireless update.  I wonder if Verizon decided that it would be easier on their customers as well as their technical support reps if they just release the BlackBerry Bold 9650 with BlackBerry 6.