Just the other day BBHub reported that Sprints upcoming BlackBerry 8702 will be CDMA and already the rumors about a Verizon CDMA 8700 series BlackBerry have started to fly.

We don’t have any confirmation of Verizon BlackBerry 8700 as of yet, however, Verizon often comes out with its branded version of BlackBerry devices shortly after Sprint. “Shortly” is a relative term, especially when talking about Verizon, however, some of the rumors are saying that the device could come as soon as late July or early August.

I don’t know if a Verizon BlackBerry 8700 series device will be out that soon as Verizon is generally not the good at keep secrets about upcoming BlackBerry devices. One thing we know for sure, however, is that time will definitely tell.

Verizon BlackBerry 8700, CDMA