Some very interesting images emerged from yesterday’s BlackBerry Super App Webcast that we told you about a few days ago.  I am not quite sure what this application is, or, even if it is something that RIM is working on, but, it appears to be a some type of today page on steroids.

From one screen shot, we certainly can’t determine if this is a good BlackBerry application or not, however, it looks awfully nice.  I certainly hope that we, not only start to see really nice looking BlackBerry applications come out of RIM, but, the tools necessary for third party developers to create such applications without having to spend more time designing the GUI than it takes to code the functionality, come out as well.

Holding a webinar to show developers the possibilities of BlackBerry Super Apps is great.  RIM just needs to make sure that the tools necessary to create BlackBerry Super Apps are made available to them.