Kevin over at posted this weeks edition of Talk Up a Storm, Verizon’s internal mailer that goes out on Wednesdays to employees to give them information about that upcoming BlackBerry Storm.

It looks like the BlackBerry Storm is a World Phone…

Talk Up a Storm – Connected at Home & Abroad

When we say the BlackBerry Storm will take the world by storm, we mean it. Storm is our newest global phone. Combined with our Global Services, the Storm will enable our customers to easily stay connected in the U.S. and around the globe. Here are five need-to-know facts about the Storm’s global features:

1. With the Blackberry Storm customers can enjoy the nation’s most reliable wireless network at home and have access to more than 205 voice and 150 data destinations worldwide.

2. With the inclusion of quad band capability, customers will benefit from expanded global coverage, adding more than 10 destinations across South America and the Caribbean, including voice and data service in Argentina, Chile and Colombia and data service in the Bahamas.

3. With the inclusion of UMTS capability, voice and data service will be available in Japan. High speed data service will also be available in major travel destinations such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy.

4. The BlackBerry Storm features Network Auto Selection which allows customers to experience seamless use in all supported destinations, regardless of network type. The BlackBerry Storm also offers Assisted Dialing, which will help take the guess work out of calling internationally. Customers simply select a name from their contact list and the Storm will automatically apply the proper exit code and dialing string.

5. All Blackberry Storm devices will come pre-installed with a SIM card and include our Global Literature Kit – it’s never been easier to activate a global customer!

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