Lets pretend for a moment that you are not already a BlackBerry fanatic. You walk into a store that carries mobile devices and you start to take a look at the smartphones. Do you think that the BlackBerry would stand out as the sweetest device on the shelf?

Before you say absolutely, we are not talking about the best device for sending secure business communications via some back-end server integrated into your corporate email system. We are talking about the “Hippest” mobile phone in the store.

Before I get slammed in the comments, let me just say that I am not saying that the Motorola Q is better than the BlackBerry. I am simply asking the question “Is the Motorola Q is more attractive to the average consumer looking for a smart phone?”

Motorola doesn’t report until Wednesday, however, the company expects to ship 1.5 million Qs in its first 180 days. Some analyst think Motorola will ship more than two million of the tiny smart smart phones that seem to be on the shopping list of every gadget freak too young to remember Jimmy Carter being president and retired Baby Boomers that want to send an receive email with their “Hip” grandkids.

I don’t think that many would argue that the BlackBerry reigns King when it comes to the business world, however, Motorola intends to ship 10 million Qs in it’s first 12 months. I think that it is fair to say that the BlackBerry has some real competition on the consumer side of things.

Motorola Q