Steve Rubel has an interesting post about how the gadget to newspaper ratio is slowly but surely starting to tip the scales in favor devices like the BlackBerry and the iPod. He has noticed in his seven years of commuting to and from work on the nations largest commuter rail that people spend far more time “fiddling with their iPods and BlackBerries” than they do reading the newspaper.

Rubel points out that unlike the iPod, BlackBerries, even though one can surf the internet or play a game of Sudoku, are viewed primarily as business devices. He admits, however, that the BlackBerry is a fertile marketing ground if a way can be found to get around making people wait for interstitial advertising as the news they are interested in loads. Rubel goes as far as to say that real estate on the BlackBerry is more valuable than the back page of the Wall Street Journal.

Via Micro Persuasion

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