If you follow the world of BlackBerry devices you’ve probably heard that RIM is working on a Touchscreen BlackBerry that will be exclusive to Verizon and Vodafone called the BlackBerry Thunder. Not only is a BlackBerry with a touchscreen a first fro Research in Motion, releasing a CDMA device before it is first available in a GSM variant is something that doesn’t happen all that often at RIM either.

What I am wondering, however, is if the CDMA BlackBerry Thunder coming out first on Verizon is a one time thing, or, if CDMA development of BlackBerry devices will be first, or, at least on the same time as their GSM counterparts going forward on a regular basis.

Now, I have to say that I am a big Verizon fan and thus, a bit biased towards CDMA BlackBerrys, however, if I look at this as clearly and objectively as I possibly can, I can see no clear reason why RIM should simultaneously develop GSM and CDMA devices. I would even go as far to say that doing so would have prevented the BlackBerry Bold from seeing the types of delays that it has.

So, all that being said, is RIM working on any new CDMA BlackBerrys that have physical keyboards on them? We know that the BlackBerry Bold will be released within a few weeks and that the BlackBerry KickStart and BlackBerry Javelin are not too far off in the distant future.

Is RIM working CDMA variants of these devices or will CDMA subscribers be forced to wait a year or more for these BlackBerrys with actual keyboards to appear on Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel?