With all the rumors out about new BlackBerry models coming out with joysticks, built-in digital cameras, and removable memory slots, this little gem of a device almost got passed us.

Here is a shot of big time Hip-Hop artist and producer Pharrell sneaking us a peak of the upcoming, 18-karat gold plated, if you’re a true baller you’ve got to have one, BlackBerry 8700b. (The b stands for Bling)

This BlackBerry doesn’t have a camera, but, chances are if you are carrying this bad boy around with you there are always some paparazzi near by that would be more than happy to take a quick picture for you.

[via Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings]

For those of you who take RIMarkable waaaay too seriously, there is not really a BlackBerry 8700b, however, the BlackBerry 8700 that Pharrell is holding really is 18-karat gold…

Pharrell Williams