InfoSpace today announced the launch of InfoSpace Find It! for BlackBerry, a free location based application “that distills millions of listings into six easy categories tailored to the on-the-go user.”

InfoSpace provides a valuable search application that helps BlackBerry users find nearby locations of interest,” said Jeff McDowell, vice president, global alliances, Research In Motion. “Location-based applications, like InfoSpace Find It!, provide an added dimension that can simplify and enhance the mobile experience.

I must say that InfoSpace Find It! for BlackBerry is a pretty cool application with a very nice GUI and is fairly quick. The spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions, although I have not gotten them to work on my BlackBerry 7130e, is an awesome feature (if it works) that can keep you from having to look at your device while driving. I am still trying to figure out if the spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions are available on devices older than the Pearl.

I would be interested to hear how the GPS functionality works from any of you BlackBerry 8800 or BlackBerry 7520 users out there.

InfoSpace Find It!