Competition breeds quality and in the battle of Instagram clients for BlackBerry 10 it’s between iGrann and inst10 for bragging rights of just who is top dog. I am a true believer in diversity, not only in life but more specifically in our choices of products and services available to consumers as we all benefit in the end.

There are two major Instagram client applications available on BlackBerry 10 that will more than satisfy your need to get your Instagram fix resolved. Most users I have spoken with via social media actually prefer the Instagram clients over the official Insagram application based on usability and overall design.

I have both applications installed on each of my BlackBerry 10 devices and find myself in a continuous state of switching from iGrann to inst10. I actually have some features I prefer from each application which keeps me going back and forth between the two apps making it a tough decision to choose one over the other.

If you have been on BlackBerry 10 from the initial release of the OS, then you truly understand the struggle it was to have Instagram on your device. With the most recent OS updates for BlackBerry 10 and the development of Instagram clients, we now have 2 very solid applications to choose from.

Which Instagram client do you prefer, iGrann or inst10? You can download and install these applications in BlackBerry World today!

Let us know just which application you prefer and leave us some feedback.

Download inst10

Download iGrann