One of the questions asked here on RIMarkable quite often is when is the next BlackBerry coming out for Nextel?

Let me first say that I don’t have any rumors to leak, however, my gut tells me that if you want a new BlackBerry and you’re still on Nextel’s network, you are SOL. I seriously doubt that we will see a new Nextel BlackBerry ever again and the only reason Sprint doesn’t just come out and tell Nextel users this is because they are hoping that you will switch over to the CDMA side of the house as compared to just leaving for another carrier.

It often takes a year or so for Sprint to get the CDMA version of BlackBerrys first released on AT&T or T-Mobile. If they can’t do better than that on the side of the network they are they are trying to keep, new BlackBerrys coming to the iDEN side of the house has an ice cubes chance in you know where.

I think the only hope BlackBerry users more addicted to PTT than they are to their BlackBerry is some type of Sprint BlackBerry that you can use the two-way walkie talkie feature with Nextel subscribers yet to make the switch.