A BlackBerry Cool tipster is reporting that Cingular will soon offer a BlackBerry Buy 3 promotion that will offer up to a $500 Visa rebate card to any customer buying 3 or more BlackBerry 8800 devices.

Customers must sign a 1 or 2-year service agreement, activate on a Blackberry data rate plan and be active on each line after the 30 day return period in order to qualify for the rebate.

Upgrades are eligible. Voice plan activation is not required. Customers may use BIS or BES as their BlackBerry email solution.

Limit of 15 total (Buy 15 and get $500 VISA rebate card)

Not sure that I understand the limit. Are you limited to buying 15 BlackBerry 8800 handsets and getting $500 gift card for every 3 8800s, or, do you only get a one gift card for every 3 to 15 8800s that you purchase?

We will definitely stay tuned to hear more on this one…

UPDATE: RIMarkable commenter J has cleard things up a bit. You get one $100 rebate for every three BlackBerry 8800s that you buy. The limit is $500 in gift cards.