OK RIMarkable readers. I think that I am missing the point on something and I need you to set me straight.

BlackBerry Forums member Cory Scheuer wrote a pretty good review of ThinkPost’s new BlackBerry Sync, an over-the-air BlackBerry synchronization service that will allow BlackBerry BIS users to sync contacts, calendar, and notes between their BlackBerry and Outlook without having to do so through BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

I am not going to rehash the entire review which you can read for yourself here, however, it sounds like ThinkPost does exactly what it says it does. My question, however, is why is OTA sync such a big deal for BlackBerry users that aren’t on BES?

I admit that I have always been a BES user, so, I am sure that I am missing the point of this type of solution, however, if you aren’t on a corporate messaging system where others can add contacts to a global address list, see your free/busy availability, and request appointments against your calendar in real time, why would you need to synch those things before you get back to your computer and do it through BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

What am I missing?