I played a bit of an April Fools Day prank on RIMarkable readers yesterday that I hope no one took offense to. I kind of leaked a fake story about how Verizon was releasing 3 new BlackBerry devices but I left plenty of clues that with in the story that it was a gag.

Although it became clear in the comments almost immediately that this story was not true, the fact that readers wanted it to be was just as clear.

Frequent RIMarkable commentator Thought made two really good points yesterday. Verizon would receive a lot of good will if they released newer BlackBerrys sooner and that Verizon needs to realize that its slow adoption rate on new BlackBerrys is not only causing the company to lose customers, but “high value” customers who gladly pay a premium for their services.

I was just joking when I said that Verizon was coming out with 3 new BlackBerry devices. Verizon, however, should take the fact that they are losing valuable customers because they aren’t offering them the devices they want very seriously.

Verizon’s allure has always been it’s network. It is better than everyone else’s, however, Verizon must realize that having the best network won’t matter if your customers all leave because the you don’t offer the the devices they want.