I have a new theory.  I think that before one can truly appreciate their BlackBerry, you must sit on an airplane stuck on the runway for 3 hours before a flight that normally only takes 35 minutes. 

You road warriors know what I am talking about.  You get on the plane, the plane leaves the gate, but for whatever reason, your plane doesn’t take off.  I just sits on the runway for hours and hours.  This just happened to me lately and let me just say… I truly appreciate my BlackBerry. 

I was able to…

  • Send and receive over 30 emails
  • Make 5 business calls
  • Order movie tickets online
  • Send two faxes
  • Play about 50 games of Klondike Solitaire
  • Use BlackBerry as a GPRS modem for laptop and VPN into corporate network

I was actually pretty amazed at how productive I was able to stay while stuck on an airplane for over 3 hours and it was all because of my BlackBerry.