I haven’t payed paid intimate attention to every single BlackBerry release, however, I think that I am pretty safe when I say that no other BlackBerry launch has had as much hoopla surrounding it as did the BlackBerry 8700c. This is why it baffles me that the logistics surrounding the distribution of the BlackBerry 8700c was as poor as it was.

Once the 8700c was officially announced on Nov. 1st, we were told that the device would hit stores almost 3 weeks later on Nov. 21st. About a week before the first in-store date, we heard a rumor that the date was going to slip. The date did slip, however, we heard from a Cingular spokesman that the BlackBerry 8700c would be available on Black Friday in Best Buy and Cingular stores. I went to 6 different stores that should have had the 8700c but none of them did.

I only hope that the logistics around the availability of the BlackBerry 7130e are not as bad as the 8700c.