Since the release of the Verizon BlackBerry Pearl, soon to be followed by the release of the Sprint BlackBerry Pearl (Nov. 23rd as rumor would have it), we have received a wave of questions asking when the BlackBerry Curve would be out on Sprint or Verizon.

I don’t have any more inside information than the next guy who spends way to much time wondering what RIM will do next, however, I can all but promise you that there won’t be a CDMA BlackBerry Curve out before Christmas.

We ran a poll a few weeks ago just to see when RIMarkable readers thought the Curve would hit a CDMA network and the overwhelming majority of the folks that responded don’t think that we will see the BlackBerry Curve until next Spring, however, about 20% thought that it would be here before Christmas.
Well, unless those pollsters mean Christmas of 2008, I don’t think there is a snow balls chance that we will see the CDMA Curve that soon.