As you may already know, one of premier features in the soon to be released BlackBerry 8800 is GPS. I use GPS in cars all the time and it has kept me from being late to a business meeting on more than one occasion. I, however, have never used GPS built into a personal device that you carry around with you.

Honestly, I am kind of leery of it. I know that there are some cool applications that GPS would allow you to use. For example, Naggie released a Location Aware Reminder application that could alert you to do things based on your physical location. Think of your BlackBerry telling you to go pick up milk as you approach the grocery store. My concern, however, comes from the other side of it.

If my BlackBerry could notify me that I am nearing the grocery store it doesn’t seem like a stretch that it could notify someone else as well. I am not sure how I would feel walking around with a personal LoJack in my pocket at all times.

Then again, maybe I am feeling a bit paranoid because I watched Enemy of the State last night.