Usually when we talk about a hardware manufacturer grabbing market share from Research in Motion, Apple and iPhone tend to be a big part of the conversation.  This time, however, according to Piper Jaffray analyst T. Michael Walkley, HTC and their line up of Snapdragon processor bearing Android and Windows Mobile devices are grabbing share from RIM as well as Motorola

Our April and early May checks indicated strong North America share gains for HTC with strong initial sales of the HTC Incredible at Verizon, combined with solid sales of the HTC Hero at Sprint and HTC HD2 and My Touch 3G at T-Mobile. We believe consumers overwhelmingly selected HTC based Android and Windows Mobile based devices due to its customizable UI, processing power with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1 GHz processor and sleek designs.

Walkley continues on to say, “we believe the Bold 9700 continued to lose smartphone share at AT&T following a price increase last month to $199. Further, our checks indicated further share losses to Android products at T-Mobile and Verizon”.

The big question for me…  Will RIM continue to loose share, maintain it’s share, or pick up share once BlackBerry 6 is released?

[Via ZDNet]