FriendleeYesterday at WES during their keynote, HP offered a glimpse into a new mobile social networking application that they are working on called Friendlee for BlackBerry.  The didn’t offer a lot of details, however, Friendlee for BlackBerry appears to be a “Linked In” style service that automatically populates your friends list by detecting your contacts that you interact most frequently with.

It doesn’t look too far along, since they didn’t do much other than copy and paste an Android screenshot onto a Storm, but they were confident enough to show it at the biggest BlackBerry show of the year, so I’m sure it’s on the way. In the long run, HP is trying to reimagine the address book so instead of chewing through a list of rarely-used contacts, you’ll be focusing on the few people you talk to on a daily basis. Take a look at HP’s research on the app for a closer look.

[Via IntoMobile]