Howard SternFor those of you that regularly listen to Howard Stern you may have known that he has been auditioning new phones since last Tuesday.  Stern has been a loyal Palm user for years but says that he is embarrassed to hold up his phone because it is “so old school”.

In a move (that is backfiring) to potentially capture celebrity buzz around the Pre, Palm sent a Pre to Stern to test out.

They’re going to show me the Pre and then take it away. They’re trying to build excitement for this thing. If people don’t buy this I don’t see how Palm keeps going.

From the title of this post you can probably guess what Stern decided to go with.  He said that the lack of Lotus Notes support on the Pre was a deal breaker.  I bet that a super popular long time Palm user publicly switching over to the BlackBerry Bold and talking about how great the Bold is on one of the most popular satellite radio shows right after saying that if the Pre doesn’t sell he doesn’t see how Palm keeps going, is the type of buzz Palm was going for.

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