The BlackBerry Z10 has a ton of cool features on board including the ability to enable and disable flash on the web browser. That feature coupled with the Z10’s browser full desktop feature allows you to watch your Amazon Instant videos on your BlackBerry Z10.

To configure your BlackBerry Z10 for Amazon Instant Video Streaming start by turning on flash in the settings. To enable flash while in the browser tap the Three Dots in the bottom right hand corner, then tap Settings at the top right.


From there, tap Display And Actions and then you will see the option to enable Adobe Flash tap it to have the slider move to on.


The next step is to turn on the desktop mode in the browser because the scaled down web browser loads a different version of the Amazon website. To do this go back into the browser settings and this time hit Developer Tools and while in there tap Desktop Mode to slide the dipstick and enable it.


At this point you should be able to log into your Amazon Prime account, click into the instant videos and enjoy any of the videos you have purchased.


As a quick note you should launch the video zoomed out, then go into full screen once it is playing. The browser will give you trouble trying to zoom out if the video has already started.


I can’t say for sure that every video will work however the three movies that I watched worked just fine. If you you don’t have an Amazon Prime account which gives you access to Amazon Instant than you may want to sign up for one.

Sign up for Amazon Prime.