I know that there are a lot of GSM BlackBerry users out there that want to use their BlackBerry on antother network, however, don’t want to pay to get an unlock code so that they can do so.

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Well, some good Samaritan has posted the process of unlocking your BlackBerry for free via your carrier to wikiHow and the 13 steps that it takes appear to be pretty easy and straight forward.

I didn”t have access to a GSM BlackBerry at the time of this posting so I cannot vouch for the process, so, if you decided to try it out, and it works or doesn’t work, please leave us a comment and let us know how you made out.

How To Unlock Your BlackBerry For Free

  1. Call your carrier.
  2. Ask for the MEP code.
  3. Give them your IMEI number.
  4. To get your IMEI number, type this on your phone, *#06#, and it should pop up.
  5. Once you get your MEP code, turn off your wireless radio on your phone.
  6. Go to SETTING or OPTIONS.
  7. Then go to ADVANCE OPTIONS.
  8. Then go to SIM CARD
  9. Type “MEPD” on your phone.
  10. You should see “Network as Active”
  11. Hold SHIFT + type “MEPE” or “MEP2”
  12. You should see “Network as Disabled”
  13. You are now the proud owner of an unlocked Blackberry

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