So, I’ve been running with my BlackBerry Storm for 6 weeks are so.  I’ve installed the latest leaked BB OS and, For me, the Storm is performing pretty good.  The problem that I am running into is that a lot of the really cool BlackBerry applications that I used to run on my BlackBerry Pearl don’t run on the BlackBerry Storm.

I knew that this would be an issue going in as the layout and user interface on the Storm is so different from other BlackBerry devices.  One can only assume that the Application Center didn’t launch at the same time as the BlackBerry Storm because of the lack of applications for it.  I’ve noticed, however, that a few BlackBerry applications have been released and / or updated since the launch of the BlackBerry Storm and they are not compatible with it.

Now, I know that these applications were probably in development long before the release of the BlackBerry Storm, but, the fact that brand new BlackBerry applications don’t work on my brand new BlackBerry Storm got me to thinking about what all it takes to make a BlackBerry application run smoothly on the BlackBerry Storm?