I don’t think too many people reading this blog would argue the fact that the BlackBerry OS is more stable than Windows Mobile. Many a BlackBerry user are converted Windows Mobile device users for this very reason. In business you cannot afford to use a device that you cannot depend on to work all the time as compared to most of the time. As you move away from the business world into the consumer world, however, how much does stability really matter?

A lot of BlackBerry users that have never owned a Windows Mobile device may think that Motorola Qs and Treos have to be rebooted every ten minutes, run hot even when turned off, drop calls all the time, randomly delete email, and cause cancer. The reality for me, however, is that so long as I don’t run every piece of freeware that I have installed simultaneously, reset the device once a day or so, keep a charger in my backpack, and only walk down the left side of the street on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is not a horrible experience.

Windows Mobile firmly holds the number two spot in the behind Research in Motion. Do Microsoft’s customers just not care about reliability, or, are Windows Mobile devices good enough in most cases. I freely admit, that my Windows Mobile device randomly reboots from time to time and it is as annoying as heck when it does. If I am honest, however, the cool factor the device carries when it is working outweighs the headache it causes when it isn’t.

I don’t use my Windows Mobile device for work. If I i did, the headache may get in the way of productivity and my take might be different. It is strictly my personal phone that just happens to be able to make free Skype calls, Watch my Tivo via my SlingBox through, find free Wireless hotspots, and browse the internet much more effectively than I can on my BlackBerry. From a consumers standpoint, especially a first time smartphone buyer who has never owned a BlackBerry to compare against, I just don’t know that stability, by BlackBerry standards, matters all that much.